Welcome George McCoy!

Let’s all welcome brand new Sr. Application Developer George McCoy to EnSite! Like yours truly, George grew up traveling the globe in a military family, and attended the University of Nebraska while his folks  were stationed nearby at Bellevue’s Offutt Air Force Base. After a few more years of travel and adventure, George settled in the Omaha area with his wife and sons. Among other IT skills gathered over the years, George is proficient in software development for VB, SQL Server, ASP and ASP.NET, to name a few. This pleases us! Besides arranging zeroes and ones, George also enjoys hiking, camping, photography and of course Husker football. Welcome George!

Safari 4.19 Preview: New Reports for Energy Marketers (Part 1)

EnSite Safari Suite’s on-board reporting provides a wide variety of industry-focused reports that help retail energy marketers stay on top of their data and their business. Last time, we outlined Safari’s newest data extracts. Also for Safari Version 4.19, no less than eight new standard reports are added to aid our users.

Read on to learn more about some of the new reporting tools available to energy marketers in Safari Version 4.19. (And stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll dish up the rest.)

Safari Suite Reporting Interface

Rate History Report

The Rate History report provides a date-effective history for a selected Pricing Rate at the Pricing Rates screen. This report provides energy marketers an on-demand review of a selected pricing rate’s daily or monthly values over time, for a date range selected by the user. Simple! But effective.

Invoice Special Attention Report

The Invoice Special Attention Report provides energy marketers with a single, comprehensive report of all batched, Not Posted energy invoices that require special handling based on instructions in the Billing Notes field of the Customer Detail screen.

The report works by identifying the Billing Group (i.e. invoice recipient for one or more service locations managed under the group) for each invoice in current Not Posted invoice batches, then determining if there is a Billing Group Note for the Billing Group at the Customer Detail screen (Notes tab). Each invoice for a Billing Group that has such a Note will appear on the report, along with information about the Billing Group and the contents of the Billing Notes, as shown in the report mock-up below.

Safari Suite Invoice Special Attention Report

Billing Activity Report

The Billing Activity Report is a detailed report for a single Billing Group providing a history of transactions for activity that occurred under the “Safari Invoice” Distribution Method. The user may select to review “All Transactions”, only “Invoice Transactions”, or only “Unpaid Invoice Transactions” for the group.

The Billing Activity Report will display the energy marketer’s logo (from the invoice template) in the upper left corner, as well as company Contact information from the address-based User Defined Fields available for the invoice template located at the Safari Invoice Administration screen. In this way the report is made suitable for inclusion with the invoice as a regularly delivered activity report.

Billing Detail Report

The Billing Detail report is much like the current Invoice Register, except that the Billing Detail report is produced for a single Billing Group and provides energy marketers the option to report on “All Invoices” or “Unpaid Invoices.” This report breaks down invoices into their component charges and provides the billing volume for each invoice.

The report’s header design is similar to the Billing Activity Report, using the logo for the Billing Group’s assigned invoice template and the template User Defined Fields for energy marketer name and address information. This enables easy incorporation into the monthly invoice delivery.

Like the Invoice Register, natural gas or electricity commodity volume and a detailed charge breakdown are provided for each invoice, with Grand Totals for each charge category, Total Volume, and Total Invoice charges.

Safari Suite Billing Detail Report

Welcome Dave Frizzell!

There’s a new QA specialist in town, so we hope you’ll join us in welcoming Dave Frizzell to the EnSite Quality Assurance team. Dave is an Omaha native with 20 years of coding experience in all the best languages, including .NET, VB and C#, among others. (I’ll just say “wow,” we’ve got an asset here.) If that’s not enough, he’s a family man with three children, seven grandkids, two dogs, and a penchant for handyman projects plus the occasional round of golf. Well-rounded!

Welcome Dave!

Safari Data Extracts: Your Data at Your Command

One advantage of a relational database system like EnSite Safari Suite is the ready availability of Safari data—data that is organized, normalized, and accessible via our base product Data Extracts. For Safari Version 4.19, we’ve added no less than seven new Data Extract protocols to the base system, allowing energy marketers unprecedented access to essential customer and operational data.

Read on to learn a little about each of the seven new Data Extract offerings. To learn more, just review Safari Help for Safari 4.19, or the Safari 4.19 Release Notes (available online now).

Article Image

Contract Detail Extract – this extract provides much of the same data as the current Contracts extract. An advantage of the Contract Detail extract is that it reports on all contracts for all Utilities (the Contracts extract is created for a specified Utility).

Billed Extract – the Billed Extract reports on invoice data by Utility similar to the existing Invoice Register report. However, the Billed Extract also includes additional column data not available in the Invoice Register report such as Billing Method, Price Type, Customer Type, and more.

Unbilled Extract – the Unbilled Extract provides users an estimate for month-end totals  on as-yet unbilled revenue, units and fees for the month. The extract logic looks at the “last bill” for customers relative to the month selected, then constructs estimated usage/revenue data for the month or the remaining days of the report month based on the usage dates for the customer’s latest invoice (up to the closing date for the selected month). For example, if the extract month is November and an Account’s “last posted invoice” has an End Date of 11/21, the extract will present projected unbilled units, revenue and fees for the nine remaining days in November, plus projected totals for November.

GL Extract – the GL Extract provides robust GL data to complement the existing Daily GL Report. The GL Extract selects all AR data for the selected GL month and organizes results by GL Account. The extract lists individual transaction detail comprising the total dollars for each GL Account and provides GL Account summaries ready to export to Journal Entries in the user’s Accounting system. The GL Extract also supports an optional “lookup” function that can provide more refined GL data results.

User Permissions Extract – the User Permissions extract allows users to monitor permission settings for all users in a single spreadsheet format. The extract lists each Safari User and is ordered by user Last Name. A Safari User will appear once in the extract for each screen or subscreen to which the user has permissions.

Credit Limit Monitor (Extract) – the Credit Limit Monitor reports on Credit limits and outstanding balances for active Customers, providing users a review of Customer credit limits versus their actual AR balances in spreadsheet format for a user-provided date.

Rate Code Extract (EDI) – For EDI customers, the Rate Code Extract provides users with a list of Rate Ready Accounts and their Contract pricing, including Rate Code, along with other information intended to assist users in analyzing Rate Code pricing trends.

Welcome Kari!

Please join us in welcoming Kari Ladd to the EnSite development team! Kari is a highly experienced programmer with 12 years of experience in a wide variety of environments, from front end to database to Web. She’s  proficient in .NET, C# and SQL. Yes! A graduate of prestigious Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Kari is an avid gamer (duh), movie buff, and all-around cat lover. That is so cool with us! We’re very glad to have Kari aboard to tackle our growing project list for 2017 and beyond. Welcome Kari!