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Safari Suite Version Reporting

EnSite clients know that each EnSite Safari Suite version upgrade includes changes at the database level. These changes will sometimes include new database tables and possibly removal of obsolete tables. At the table level, new columns may be added (or columns may be removed).

Version-Based Data Comparisons Now Available to Safari Users

Database changes are inevitable with an evolving product. But clients who create custom reports for use in Safari can have difficulties when the structure of the data changes. EnSite’s Release Notes alert clients to changes in functionality, which in turn can alert report designers that reports may need testing, and possibly alteration. In the past this required users to research the changes on their own.

Beginning with Version 4.17, however, clients will be provided a custom Safari Suite version-based comparison of their data structure. EnSite has adopted a new reporting tool that allows us to provide this information at each Safari Suite version upgrade.

EnSite Safari Suite Version Reporting
The report will be in the form of a spreadsheet, which contains sections describing Tables Dropped, Tables Added, and Table Changes (i.e. new or modified columns, etc.) compared to the previous version. When a client is upgraded to Version 4.17, EnSite will provide an upgrade spreadsheet as part of the release documentation. The spreadsheet is located at each client’s secure EnSite Extranet site.

It’s our hope that users will benefit from this “one-stop shop” for database changes, At the least, this new tool will allow Safari users to create custom reports with confidence, knowing any changes to the data structure affecting their reports will be outlined in the spreadsheet for each version they receive.  Beyond that, users employing third-party functionality that accesses Safari data will also be empowered to monitor changes that may affect such access.

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Contact your EnSite representative if you have any questions or comments about this new service from EnSite.