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Continuous Improvement with EnSite Safari Suite

What makes a great product better? If you noticed the title of this article, you have your answer. As EnSite puts the finishing touches on the seventeenth public release of our Version 4 Safari Suite®  retail energy management software, we thought it might interest you to know what goes into the process of building a new product release – and why.

Software Life Cycle - EnSite


EnSite’s new Micro White Paper (get it below) provides a detailed look at how EnSite leverages its expertise and market knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. From the White Paper: “The development philosophy of a market leader is something of a paradox. Our goal is perfection, even though we know perfection is not achievable in the real world. EnSite’s leadership, business analysts and IT staff are constantly looking for ways to ensure Safari Suite is not just competent at energy management but a dynamic product that both anticipates and meets the challenges that constantly arise in the retail energy space. We’ll settle for nothing less.”

Read the EnSite  Micro White Paper (PDF): Continuous Improvement: Listening to the Market with EnSite Safari Suite – then give us a call. We’d love to talk about how EnSite’s continuous development cycle helps ensure Safari Suite® remains a market leader.