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Welcome George McCoy!

Let’s all welcome brand new Sr. Application Developer George McCoy to EnSite! Like yours truly, George grew up traveling the globe in a military family, and attended the University of Nebraska while his folks  were stationed nearby at Bellevue’s Offutt Air Force Base. After a few more years of travel and adventure, George settled in the Omaha area with his wife and sons. Among other IT skills gathered over the years, George is proficient in software development for VB, SQL Server, ASP and ASP.NET, to name a few. This pleases us! Besides arranging zeroes and ones, George also enjoys hiking, camping, photography and of course Husker football. Welcome George!

Welcome Dave Frizzell!

There’s a new QA specialist in town, so we hope you’ll join us in welcoming Dave Frizzell to the EnSite Quality Assurance team. Dave is an Omaha native with 20 years of coding experience in all the best languages, including .NET, VB and C#, among others. (I’ll just say “wow,” we’ve got an asset here.) If that’s not enough, he’s a family man with three children, seven grandkids, two dogs, and a penchant for handyman projects plus the occasional round of golf. Well-rounded!

Welcome Dave!

Welcome Kari!

Please join us in welcoming Kari Ladd to the EnSite development team! Kari is a highly experienced programmer with 12 years of experience in a wide variety of environments, from front end to database to Web. She’s  proficient in .NET, C# and SQL. Yes! A graduate of prestigious Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Kari is an avid gamer (duh), movie buff, and all-around cat lover. That is so cool with us! We’re very glad to have Kari aboard to tackle our growing project list for 2017 and beyond. Welcome Kari!

Welcome Neeta Jeyaram!

EnSite is pleased to welcome Neeta Jeyaram as our brand new Sr. Database Administrator! Neeta has an impressive background in SQL Server database administration, as well as past gigs managing financial data systems and as a business analyst. She also brings an MS in Information Technology to the table from nearby University of Central Missouri.

Neeta, husband Pete and their young daughter live in Omaha and enjoy exploring the local “scene” – our many fine restaurants, farmers markets and the like – as well as travel and movies. I’m told a new dog might also be in the picture! We’re confident that Neeta will be instrumental in helping EnSite increase efficiencies and explore new opportunities in data  management. Says Neeta, “I look forward to learning, working and building amazing software with the wonderful team here!”

Thanks Neeta, and welcome!

Welcome Tim Hayes!

Please join us in welcoming Tim Hayes to the EnSite developer team! Our brand new Sr. Application Developer is an IT veteran with 30 years of experience in the field. A graduate of Nebraska’s own Bellevue University, Tim’s programming background in VB.NET, C# for .NET, WinForms and more should come in pretty handy. With wife Lori and the four “kids” (cats!), Tim enjoys video games (surprise!) and is currently planning to build a new computer so he can play the latest games. Yeah that sounds like EnSite IT.

Welcome, Tim!