Retail Energy Software by EnSite

EnSite Knows Energy

Proudly headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, EnSite is a provider of leading retail energy software for management of retail electricity and natural gas sales. EnSite's clients are currently operating in most deregulated states, utilizing EnSite Safari Suite for sales, service, utility data management, and commodity management. 

EnSite was formed in 1995 as a consulting firm focused on energy management and customer acquisition improvements. As energy deregulation expanded, EnSite in 1999 recognized the need for tools to manage transactions for retail energy providers. We put our industry experience and expertise to work in developing an enterprise-ready retail energy software solution designed specifically for the needs of the deregulated energy market.

EnSite Safari Suite for Retail Energy

The result is EnSite's hallmark application, EnSite Safari Suite®. Safari Suite is a unique system providing fully integrated CIS and utility commodity management at the retail level for natural gas and electricity sales and service. EnSite Safari Suite is a powerful, multi-commodity, component-based retail energy software solution for managing the entire life cycle of the consumer. It is designed to enable growth for energy marketers and service providers through a scalable platform and increased back room efficiency. EnSite Safari Suite provides access to information in one system to improve financial and operational decisions. It allows customers to reduce transaction costs, improve cash flow, preserve margins, and expand their business without expanding their staff.

EnSite Strategy

EnSite's strategy is to maintain our vision and focus on energy transaction software and services, with an emphasis on continuous improvement to our products and the client service processes that drive their development.

Retail Energy Software by EnSite - Omaha Corporate Headquarters

EnSite Fast Facts

  • Founded 1995
  • Employees Average Over 11 Years Tenure with EnSite
  • Deployed first Enterprise Solution 1999
  • Supporting Retail Energy Marketers Across the Country
  • Serving Markets in Most Deregulated States
  • Microsoft® Certified Partner since 1999