Safari for Power

What is Safari Power? It's the power of EnSite Safari Suite® to bring essential functions to electricity billing in the deregulated power market.


Safari for Gas

Safari is cooking in retail natural gas markets. Why? Because only EnSite Safari Suite offers a dedicated system built for the energy industry.


Safari Blog

Keep up with all things Safari at the Safari Interactive Blog - Product News, Release Information, Associate News and Company News.


EnSite Safari Suite - Powering Information®

EnSite Incorporated® provides leading billing software and services to retail energy marketers. Our flagship EnSite Safari Suite software is a scalable, database-driven customer care and billing solution designed specifically for deregulated natural gas and electricity markets.

Customer Care

Safari Customer Care provides real-time access to contact information, billing history, custom account data, contract and pricing information, accounts receivable status, historical usage and much more.

Pricing and Billing

Safari supports complex price products and robust billing options for residential to industrial customers, including estimated invoicing, budget billing (or "level payments"), billing of scheduled commodity, EDI billing, Prepay billing, and much more.


Safari EDI provides automated transaction management and validation for incoming and outgoing transactions, with robust features for user review of EDI functions, fully automated file transfer, automated invoicing, and much more.

Gas Management

Safari Gas Management saves time and reduces errors by integrating and automating the processes of forecasting, meter data collection, daily/monthly balancing, storage management and optimization, and nominations.


Safari supports complex Windows® Services interactivity, EDI transaction management and translation, and other services to communicate with third party systems.


Safari provides robust report generation, customization and distribution options for screen-based data reporting, system and security reports, standard or user-designed data extracts, and invoice delivery.

Safari Data Archive and Purge

Databases are essential for business. But the more we use them, the bigger they get. EnSite now offers an Archive and Purge option for Safari database management.

Safari 5.0 Preview: Retail Energy Contract Volume Upload

Streamline the process of inputting monthly or daily energy contract volumes with the new Contract Volume Upload.

New Safari Data Imports for Energy Marketers

Question: What can save you from the tedium (and risk) of manual data entry? Answer: Safari data imports for energy marketers.

Complex Energy Pricing for Retail Energy Billing

Fixed units, tiered pricing, higher/lower index, hedging for basis or commodity, capacity pricing - for whatever your market requires, Safari offers an array of complex pricing.

Safari Data Extracts: Your Data at Your Command

One advantage of a relational database system like EnSite Safari Suite is the ready availability of Safari data—data that is organized, normalized, and accessible via our base product Data Extracts.

Safari 5 Upgrade Available Now

EnSite is pleased to announce the availability of our highly anticipated Safari 5 upgrade! Learn more and get resources here...

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