Safari 5.0 Preview: Retail Energy Contract Volume Upload

Expansion breeds challenges for retail energy marketers, whether moving into new markets or growing the local base. One of these challenges is managing units for the monthly- or daily-priced retail energy contract across a large and growing customer base. Our upcoming Safari Version 5.0 streamlines the process of inputting monthly or daily retail energy contract volumes with the new Contract Volume Upload.

This new import will allow our users to automatically import monthly and daily unit volumes for multiple customers, and for multiple pricing periods per customer, for all contracted units of all types. For example, the upload file can include both monthly contracted energy units and monthly contracted capacity units for the entire contracted period (e.g., one year) for a customer. Or users may use the import to set daily ‘critical day’ volumes for a group of natural gas customers under a specific utility.

The import data for all customers and periods can be organized by our users in a single Excel file, which is the import file format. Because the import keys on the unique Safari Contract Number, users can upload fixed units of various types for a single contract or for multiple contracts per customer.

Like other new Safari imports mentioned earlier on this blog, the upcoming Contract Volume Upload represents EnSite’s continuous commitment to improving user experience and streamlining daily operations.

In fact, it’s what Safari is all about. If your retail energy enterprise could benefit from streamlining, automation, better data control and decreased risk, we invite you to take a closer look at EnSite Safari Suite.

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