Safari 5 Customer List: First Look

Last time, we provided an overview of the innovation coming to you in Q2 2019 with our Safari 5 upgrade. Today, we’ll get more specific regarding the intuitive new Safari 5 Customer List experience. As you’ll see, the new Customer List and Search features put users in the driver’s seat when it comes to customer data reporting and in-depth analysis of the customer base.

Customer List Snapshot View

New for Safari 5, the Customer List pushes relevant customer information forward in the detailed Snapshot view:

EnSite Safari 5 Customer Snapshot

Safari Customer List Mass Update

The Customer List Mass Update feature allows our users to update more than 80 account, contact and pricing data points across multiple selected customers, billing groups or accounts at the same time:

EnSite Safari 5 Mass Customer Update Feature

Ad Hoc Safari Customer Reporting

Users can select from virtually all customer data to create ad hoc reporting they refine and control via the Customer List Advanced Search:

EnSite Safari 5 Ad Hoc Customer Reporting

Together, the new Customer List, Search Criteria and Advanced Search Criteria management features will provide our  users with the effective means to conduct rich ad hoc reporting on a wealth of customer data newly available in Safari 5. These features were designed to work together to help Safari users to more effectively manage a broad customer base and empower deep-dive customer analytics.

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