Safari Explorer for Safari 5

Safari 5: Coming in 2019

EnSite is excited to announce the impending release of a major EnSite Safari Suite upgrade, coming in Q2 2019. This is the first in a series of “Safari Explorer” blog posts that will help inform our users and business partners about the Safari 5 upgrade.

Safari Suite Version 5 is an innovative new design and smart functionality enhancements developed in response to our users’ day-to-day challenges and business needs.

As we progress toward release, we’ll be providing periodic updates like this one to help our clients understand the impact and the potential of this upgrade. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about the changes in store for 2019 and EnSite Safari Suite!

What is Safari 5?
  • A modern interface that pushes contextual, relevant information forward
  • A re-imagining of Safari’s core functions, with retooled, user-focused features
  • New menus, new screens, and new functionality designed to immediately improve security, data management, and operational efficiencies.

Stay tuned to and Safari Explorer for more pre-release news on Safari 5.

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