Safari 5 Upgrade Available Now

EnSite is pleased to announce the availability of our highly anticipated Safari 5 upgrade! What’s in our first release for Safari 5? In a word—Innovation: The new Safari 5 console offers you an intuitive, user-centered work environment The Customer List for Safari 5 revolutionizes Account data search and management The […]


Safari 5 Customer List: First Look

Last time, we provided an overview of the innovation coming to you in Q2 2019 with our Safari 5 upgrade. Today, we’ll get more specific regarding the intuitive new Safari 5 Customer List experience. As you’ll see, the new Customer List and Search features put users in the driver’s seat when […]

Safari Explorer for Safari 5

Safari 5: Coming in 2019

EnSite is excited to announce the impending release of a major EnSite Safari Suite upgrade, coming in Q2 2019. This is the first in a series of “Safari Explorer” blog posts that will help inform our users and business partners about the Safari 5 upgrade. Safari Suite Version 5 is […]

Read More... Goes Mobile

EnSite is pleased to announce our all-new Web site at Our new site is fully adaptive for any screen size, and for any resolution. Check out and this Tracker Blog site on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop – you will find adaptive layouts, easy-to-navigate content and […]

Safari Suite Retail Energy Software for Natural Gas and Electricity Sales and Service

Deregulated Energy Partner EnSite Celebrates 20 Years

What have you learned in the last 20 years? We’ve learned that mastering the retail energy marketplace requires a deep understanding of the complexities of deregulated energy markets. It also requires sophisticated tools that help transform that understanding into success. That’s EnSite. That’s Safari Suite.  Thanks to our clients and […]