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Deregulated Energy Partner EnSite Celebrates 20 Years

What have you learned in the last 20 years? We’ve learned that mastering the retail energy marketplace requires a deep understanding of the complexities of deregulated energy markets. It also requires sophisticated tools that help transform that understanding into success. That’s EnSite. That’s Safari Suite.  Thanks to our clients and our hard-working associates, that’s two decades of progress…and counting.

As we celebrate 20 years helping energy marketers win their markets and grow their business, we invite you to stay with the Safari Blog throughout the year for more news and updates. Meanwhile, here’s a few milestones and remembrances from the story of EnSite.

  • EnSite was founded in 1995 as an energy consulting firm
  • EnSite employees are highly experienced, averaging over 11 years of tenure
  • EnSite Deployed its first Enterprise Solution in 1999
  • Currently supporting Retail Energy Marketers across the country in most deregulated energy states
  • EnSite supports clients providing commodity services through utilities in most states.
  • EnSite has been a Microsoft® Certified Partner since 1999 and has achieved Silver Competency in Application Development
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