Safari Data Archive and Purge

Databases are essential for business. But the more we use them, the bigger they get. And the bigger they get, the harder they are to manage. Luckily, for users of EnSite Safari Suite, EnSite now offers an Archive and Purge option for Safari database management.

Clients may choose what to archive from a list of archive-enabled data sets called Archive Types. For each defined Archive Type, Safari users determine when to archive or purge specific data (i.e., archive Historical Usage that is more than 7 years old or purge Historical Usage that is more than 10 years old).

Currently, the Archive and Purge processes are in place for the following types of Safari data: Historical Usage; Contracts; specified Statuses; specified EDI transaction data; User Login audit data; Event Log data.

The Archive and Purge process is offered in response to client demand for improved database performance and enhanced database management.

Data Archive

The archive action removes data from the target data tables and moves it to an archive table. Archived data is no longer available from any screen or report in Safari. The data is still available in an archive table accessible by a system administrator. Archiving data will improve system performance but will not reduce the overall size of the database.

Purge Archived Data

The purge action removes data from the target archive tables. Data must be archived before it can be purged; these actions can be taken in immediate succession if desired. Purged data is completely removed from the database. Purging does not affect system performance but will reduce the overall size of the database.

If you are interested in implementing Safari’s Data Archive and Purge option, please contact EnSite for details.

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