EnSite Retail Energy Markets

A Leader in Retail Energy Management

EnSite Serves Retail Energy Markets Across the Country and Across the Spectrum
of Gas and Electric Providers

EnSite's clients serve a range of commercial, industrial, governmental, institutional, and residential retail energy markets with multiple commodities and utility services. They are diverse in terms of geographic location,
customer demographics, price product offerings, ownership, capitalization, market share, growth expectations, and business cycle maturity.

EnSite Client Locations

EnSite Client Locations

EnSite's products and services are designed exclusively for retail energy marketing companies offering complex pricing schemes and managing utility tariff balancing, forecasting and penalty avoidance. EnSite also supports retail marketing companies serving the Choice and residential markets. In short, EnSite Safari Suite® brings to its clients in gas and electric markets of all stripes a broad range of functionality and interoperability, satisfying evolving business needs for:

  • Integrated Account Management, Customer Service and Collections tied to Operations
  • Natural Gas Balancing, Forecasting, and Penalty Avoidance
  • Complex, Responsive Pricing Schemes
  • High Volume Transaction Management for EDI and non-EDI data
  • Automated Utility Interfaces
  • Dynamic Bill Presentment
  • Platform Stability and Scalability for Growth

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EnSite Utility Facts

EnSite has built a system of interfaces allowing our clients to easily manage and exchange information among their utility partners.

EnSite Safari Suite Service Locations

EnSite supports clients providing commodity services through utilities in most states.