Retail Natural Gas Sales and Service with Safari Suite

Natural Gas Sales and Management for Retail Markets

Since 1995, EnSite has been helping retail natural gas marketers manage and grow their business with consultative services and EnSite Safari Suite, our software and system designed for retail natural gas sales and service.

Manage Customers, Commodity, Utilities and Deals

EnSite Safari Suite helps our clients manage the full life cycle of the natural gas consumer - as well as the commodity itself - and much more.

Retail Natural Gas Sales with EnSite Safari Suite

Safari Suite is more than just software - it's a system designed specifically for the retail energy industry. From residential EDI to large-scale industrial natural gas sales, Safari Suite can satisfy the demands of the retail marketplace.

  • Integrated Account Management, Customer Service and Collections Tied to Natural Gas Operations
  • Pool Operations tied to Utility Tariffs and Customer Management
  • Utility Tariffs modeled for natural gas Balancing and Penalty Avoidance
  • Usage Forecasting for Weather Factors or Process Load
  • Complex, Responsive Natural Gas Pricing anchored in flexible contracts designed specifically for the deregulated commercial or residential gas market
  • Commercial / Industrial Customer Management or Residential - both with full support for EDI (Bill Ready/Rate Ready).
  • Standardized Data Import protocols for importing usage and other recurring customer data
  • Modeled Tariffs - Bill Transportation, Utility fees, and much more
  • Dynamic Billing - with Automated PDF Delivery
  • Platform Stability and Scalability for Growth (SQL Server/Windows Server)

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Optimize for Growth  - Organic and Acquisition-Based

You want to grow your market share, and EnSite wants to help. Over the years, we've made a science of analyzing clients' unique business processes, their data and its structure, human and technology resources, and the complex requirements of the utilities our clients operate under. We put this expertise to work on every Safari Suite implementation, ensuring our clients are equipped to grow in their existing markets or via acquisition.

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For new customers (or existing customers' new market acquisitions), our implementation options and time-tested process ensure that we deliver the right product, set up and configured for your unique needs and your specific markets.

The result? A system that feels intuitive, that seems like it was built for the way you do business and designed for your markets.

Because that's what Safari Suite is all about.

Retail Natural Gas Sales - Customized and Configured for Your Market

We get it. No off-the-shelf system is ready to run your business.

  • You have unique pricing scenarios, contract arrangements and deal structures.
  • You are operating under multiple Utility tariff sales classes in twelve states, each with unique regional differences and weather norms.
  • Some of your customers own their storage bank at the utility - and one of them owns their own point on the pipeline.
  • You have three regional offices. They can't share data (or they must share data).
  • You outsource some (but not all) customer service to a local call center
  • Your parent company hosts all enterprise applications at its North Carolina data center - and you're in Denver.

Safari can handle that. All of it. And more. In fact, it already does.

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Anyone selling you a retail energy management system should be familiar with the array of complex, unique business practices and third-party obligations that characterize competitive natural gas marketing. What's more, they should be ready to advise you on how their system will accommodate these needs.

We're ready - give us a call. We'd be glad to demonstrate how we did it (and how we can do it for you).

As a marketer, perhaps the most important thing for you to know about our Safari Suite system is that we build it just for you. We recognize that as robust and configurable as our base system may be, you will have unique needs - whether in reporting, interfaces, special pricing, invoice presentation, EDI transaction management - or all of the above.

Just as important, we recognize that the ever-evolving demands of your market will not magically stabilize after implementation of your new office system. EnSite is a partner with our clients, always ready to enhance existing functions or develop new functionality to satisfy your changing market needs.

Safari Gas Management

Our Safari Suite product effectively models your natural gas supply chain, from purchase point to city gate delivery, and all points in between. On-board reporting lets you closely track your working month as you plan for future months.

Beginning with weather- or process load-based natural gas usage forecasting, Safari gives you the tools you need to plan and purchase supply for delivery at mapped locations on your transport paths.

Safari Suite also models the natural gas Utility tariff, providing sophisticated options for pass-through Utility charges and spot-on tools to manage Utility pools and their capacities/daily maximum nominations/storage banks/etc.

Also modeled for the tariff, Safari Suite's balancing options permit meticulous ongoing management of the month's supply versus nominations. Its intra-month natural gas forecasting methodology accounts for incoming daily (actual) usage and actualized weather data for an improved mid-month supply /  demand picture.

Safari Natural Gas Management

By itself, Safari Gas Management is a powerful tool for marketers. Tied to the Safari Suite Customer Information and Billing system for retail natural gas, it's indispensable.

We Need to Talk (About Data)

These days, your front office system's ability to communicate with third party  systems could not be more critical.  At the same time, you need assurance that your data is secure and safe. EnSite has you covered.

EnSite  partner TierPoint provides our state-of-the-art data center for EnSite's hosted (SAAS) implementations - or we can deploy to the data center of your choice. Our customers use standard remote desktop connectivity to gain access to the secure system and to Safari Suite.

Learn more about EnSite Partner TierPoint.

Equally important is the ability to move data efficiently between systems. Safari Suite is ready - with many standard import protocols for customer usage (daily or monthly), customer payments, and miscellaneous charges (to name a few). Safari Suite also includes an on-board Data Extract feature, providing an easy way to move large sets of data out of the Safari database to the destination of your choice - and yes, it's customizable.

Your Safari - For Your Business

You've learned about some of the features and strengths of Safari, but there's much more to know. Use our online form to request a free, no-obligation online consultation to review the powerful tools of Safari Suite that could be working for you every day. Please contact us today. You owe it to your business and your bottom line.  We look forward to working with you!

What Can Safari Natural Gas Do For You?

How does EnSite Safari Suite® help natural gas retailers win their markets? Here's a partial list...

Customer Care

  • 3-Tier 'Corporate' customer structure supports multiple billing and service locations or a single business/residence location
  • Historical Usage stored by calendar month (translated to monthly for cycle reads) for use in forecasting
  • EDI enrollments/changes/etc.
  • Customer connections to Utility, Pool, Storage
  • Configure and assign Utility data/services to Accounts
  • Customer Agreements tied to contracts
  • Account Annual Usage (rolling average)
  • Unlimited Customer Contacts and Contact Types
  • Logging for Customer Calls and Collections Calls
  • Task Management for CSRs
  • Standard and Custom validation for Customer Data Input

Contracts (Exhibits/Deals)

  • Complex, component-based pricing for retail natural gas commodity, basis
  • Trigger pricing (hedge commodity price or basis price)
  • Other special price templates for caps/collars, higher/lower index, component pricing, and more
  • Tiered contracts for 'base load' pricing  layered with fixed volume or spot deals
  • Contract Templates
  • Multiple Accounts on a single contract with multiple volume proration options
  • Contract-level setting to bill at City Gate or Burner Tip with automated fuel cost calculation based on Utility Fuel Rates


  • Automated Cycle Billing / Consolidated Utility Billing / EDI Bill Ready & Rate Ready
  • Complex Pricing and Contract Options including Fixed, Indexed/Variable, Triggers, Contract Tiers, and more
  • Natural Gas Budget Billing with Auto True Up
  • Estimated Natural Gas Billing with Automated Prior Period Adjustments
  • Natural Gas Prepay Billing with Automated True Up
  • Complete Tax Management with Options for Exemption, plus Tax Reporting
  • Charge Interest (Late Fees)
  • Automated Reversals
  • Index-based or custom rates, plus automated rate import
  • Standard and custom invoice templates - for print or PDF with automated PDF delivery

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Commodity Management

  • Manage Natural Gas Pools with Utility Variable Data and Assigned Delivery Points
  • Forecast use for prompt month and intra-month
  • Weather normalization
  • User-defined Weather Regions
  • Utility Nominations for On-board Utility Tariffs
  • Flexible natural gas balancing options
  • Storage optimization, analysis and trades
  • Utility rate and operating parameters for penalty avoidance
  • Manage natural gas supply volumes by supplier/pipeline point/upstream contract
  • Automated allocation of natural gas supply to market
  • Model natural gas pipelines/points and establish delivery points

AR/AP & Reporting

  • On-board Reporting Engine (Crystal Reports)
  • Standard and Custom Reports
  • Configurable aging start and aging periods
  • Clear AR History for CSRs
  • General Ledger Tracking and Reporting
  • Track/Post Payables to Utilities and/or  Sales Force
  • User-added Charges picked up for Invoicing
  • Direct AR Adjustments
  • Payment entry and/or Payment Import

Data and User Management

  • Set up unlimited Gas Utilities and Manage Utility Data for Accounts and/or Pools
  • Manage indexed or custom rates by Effective Date and Unit of Measure
  • Store Conversion Factors for usage billed at a different Invoice UOM
  • Store date-effective tax rates, HDD values, Utility rates, Transportation and Service rates,
  • Manage Sales Force and track Commissions
  • Manage Users and Groups for system security
  • Standard and Custom Data Validation
  • Standard and Custom data imports/exports, including custom translation of Utility files to standard Safari import formats
  • Detailed audit logs for data changes and system events


  • On-board automated transaction management for Rate Ready/Bill Ready for POR
  • Safari Schema for translation to / from Utility Schema
  • Extensive Data Validation
  • Robust User Interface
  • Automated Change Request / Drop Request transactions based on Safari customer management