Safari 4.19 Preview: Energy Contract Pricing

Users of EnSite Safari Suite know energy contract pricing is a cornerstone of energy sales management. Safari Contracts support complex energy pricing and unit management for natural gas and electricity, a key component of success in retail energy sales. A host of features make complex energy billing with Safari manageable, […]


How Does Your System Rate?

For energy marketers, so much depends on price—and it had better be the right price. Fortunately, users of EnSite Safari Suite® have a wide array of standard options and built-in safeguards enabling precise control over retail energy pricing rates for commodity, basis, demand, or virtually any other product offering that […]

EnSite Safari Suite

Safari Upgrade Highlights for Version 4.17

A recent EnSite Micro White Paper made note of EnSite’s operational philosophy of “continuous improvement”. Last month we once again made good on that claim with the release of Safari Suite® Version 4.17. With each Safari upgrade, EnSite brings new and enhanced operational efficiency to its flagship product for retail […]