Safari 4.19 Preview: Miscellaneous Charges for the Billing Group

You asked, we delivered. Users of the upcoming Safari Release Version 4.19 will be able to add and import one-time charges for the Billing Group customer tier. Until Version 4.19, users were limited to adding charges at the Account tier.

The enhancement is applicable to the Adjustment Maintenance screen (also called the Generic Charge Maintenance screen) and the Generic Charge Import.

Adjustments for the Billing Group

At the Adjustment Maintenance screen, users can now choose the “level” for the charge – either Billing Group or Account.

The remainder of the process is unchanged – the charge at the Billing Group level will be invoiced for the Billing Group on the Safari invoice that bills the period that includes the Effective Date for the approved charge.

This new feature will be useful for users who need to bill a charge for a customer that is not applicable to any one Account (among the Accounts organized under the Billing Group).

Generic Charge Import

In addition to the Adjustment Maintenance screen, the Safari Generic Charge Import has been enhanced to support import of one-time charges at the Billing Group level.

The Generic Charge Import was recently added to the Safari base system. It provides an efficient way to import multiple one-time charges for any number of Safari customers – and for Version 4.19, this will include charges at the Billing Group level.


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