Safari Suite 4.19 Preview – Retail Energy Invoice

The upcoming EnSite Safari Suite Release Version 4.19 includes our new Invoice Documents feature, which will allow users to attach documents to the individual Safari Suite retail energy invoice and to print/PDF the attached documents along with the invoice.

Legacy “Template” Reports

Safari Suite has for some time included an invoice fulfillment feature permitting users to assign reports to an invoice template. When the energy invoice using the template is printed and/or converted to PDF, the assigned reports will also print/PDF, and are auto-collated with the invoice for seamless fulfillment/delivery to the end user(s).

Safari Suite Retail Energy Invoice Documents

In addition to reports assigned to the energy invoice template, Safari Suite for Version 4.19 will include a new Invoice Documents feature. Like other Safari Suite screens supporting document attachment, the Invoice Batch Posting screen will include a Documents tab. At the Documents tab, users with appropriate permissions will be able to upload and assign any file of any type recognized by the user’s operating system to an individual invoice as an attached document for that invoice.

EnSite has assigned separate permissions to the Invoice Batch Posting screen Documents tab, allowing for differing user roles that may require some users to have the ability to post or delete invoice documents, while other users are restricted to ‘read-only’ access (or no access) to the documents.

PDF Print and Collation

Unique to the Invoice Documents feature is the ability of Safari Suite to collate attached PDF documents with the invoice during fulfillment. Users may attach “any” document, but only attached PDF documents will print along with the invoice.

In addition to print collation, Invoice Documents in PDF format will also auto-collate with the invoice PDF as it is created by Safari Suite during the automated invoice posting/PDF conversion process. The invoice PDF creation process is optional, but if it is used and there are PDF documents attached to an invoice, the attached PDFs will also be copied to the invoice PDF output directory as companions to the invoice.

If the Safari Suite implementation is utilizing the Safari Automated Invoice Delivery Service, any auto-collated PDF documents attached to the posted invoice will be automatically e-mailed to Safari Suite Billing Group contacts that are designated as “Invoice Recipients.” This is in addition to any template-based reports that may also print with the invoice (and which are also auto-collated for print or PDF fulfillment and auto-delivery).

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