Safari 4.19 Preview: Energy Contract Pricing

Users of EnSite Safari Suite know energy contract pricing is a cornerstone of energy sales management. Safari Contracts support complex energy pricing and unit management for natural gas and electricity, a key component of success in retail energy sales. A host of features make complex energy billing with Safari manageable, […]


Safari Suite 4.19 Preview – Retail Energy Invoice

The upcoming EnSite Safari Suite Release Version 4.19 includes our new Invoice Documents feature, which will allow users to attach documents to the individual Safari Suite retail energy invoice and to print/PDF the attached documents along with the invoice. Legacy “Template” Reports Safari Suite has for some time included an […]

EnSite Safari Suite

Safari Upgrade Highlights for Version 4.17

A recent EnSite Micro White Paper made note of EnSite’s operational philosophy of “continuous improvement”. Last month we once again made good on that claim with the release of Safari Suite® Version 4.17. With each Safari upgrade, EnSite brings new and enhanced operational efficiency to its flagship product for retail […]